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Nowadays we spend hours and hours surfing the web, we receive e-mails full of suspicious files, our friends give us pendrives with videos and photos that may be infected,... in short, our PC is always in risk.

That's the reason why it's important to have an antivirus installed in our system. It's necessary to be protected against any kind of threats, no matter if they are virus, Trojans or spyware, because although virus is the most-known threat, there are a lot of menaces out there.

PC Tools Antivirus is a good choice if we want to protect our computer. It offers real time protection to protect us while we surf the Internet. Furthermore, we can scan our system, it will find any suspicious file and will give you the choice to delete the infected file or move it to quarantine.

Enjoy the Internet and let PC Tools Antivirus deal with malware, you'll be safe.
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